One of the earlier memories of life was having my tonsils removed around the age of two. Around this same time our family doctor was continuously sticking me with various injections of penecilin, and who knows what else. By the time that whole ordeal was finished, I was resolved to never trust my health care to institutionalized medicine. Granted, we did get a different family doctor later who wasn't as sadistic, which I needed to visit periodically for help in dealing with various congestive issues.

A month after barely graduating from high school I moved out of my parent's house, and lived in a rented space a few blocks away. Now that I was entirely responsible for my own meals, I started to pay more attention to my health, and the congestion started to alleviate. Three years later I moved to Arizona, and after one last doctor visit there, the congestion disappeared entirely.

This doctor was a unique person in that he engaged me in a personal conversation. In response to one of his questions I told him about my recent experience in reading the Bible, and the effects it was having on me. He then asked me if I believed that God created the world and my answer wasn't very convincing to him because he suddenly became confrontational, got right up in my face like a drill sargeant, and with his thick Hungarian accent told me that I had to make a choice: either God made the world, or he didn't; there is no middle ground.

The fact is, I had been inundated all of my life with propaganda from the world which suggests that the earth is billions of years old, and that it, along with all of its living organisms are the product of natural causes independent of any divine intervention. Now, for the first time in twenty-two years, I'm being presented with an alternative explanation that doesn't have any supporting evidence at my disposal for me to consider when someone challenges me on it. And, as this doctor pointed out, the two explanations can not be meshed. One is wrong.

For me, simply taking a position on an issue is not enough because that is not knowledge. I needed to know why. This began a twenty-year study which has inspired me to live as healthy of a life as possible. And when one considers the vast array of unhealthy substances I was taking into my body at the time, many of which I was unaware of, that was quite an undertaking.

In January of 2013, while at work in a refrigerator back in Pennsylvania, I experienced a kind of popping sensation in my head, and all of a sudden the entire room starts to spin, and I experience a dizziness so intense that I needed to hold on to fixtures with both hands in order to remain on my feet. As this was happening, all I could think about was my one grandfather whom I most physically resemble who collapsed in a store one day, and died about a year later from a brain tumor. Was this same thing happening to me? Was this the end? After a few seconds of this, I stepped outside the room, and sat on some steps, holding my head in my hands. Someone from the receiving area noticed my position, and came over to see if I was alright. After telling her what happened she insisted that I stay there, and keep my eyes opened until it passes, otherwise I would go unconscious. It did pass after a minute or so, and I was able to return to work. This situtation would occur again periodically, but not as intense as the first time. One of the things that seemed to trigger it was when I would turn my head to the left or right too quickly.

In January of 2015 I moved back to New Mexico. Later that spring I was digging a ditch for someone on a Friday, and was constantly being accosted by flies and gnats. I was given some bug repellant, but the citronella wasn't as effective as it is with mosquitos. That Sunday, while having lunch with some neighbors, there was a copy of the Farmer's Almanac on the arm of a chair. While flipping through it there was a page containing a list of repellents for various bugs. For flies and gnats it said to use lavender essential oil. Upon returning to finish the dig, I asked a friend if they had any lavender oil, and they did. However, it didn't work.

During this time the local residents of the town where I was living had a weekly Bible study that I had been attending. At the study following this digging job, the suject matter was the role of essential oils in the Bible. The person leading out in this study was a relative of the homeowners that was visiting from Texas who happened to be a distributor for Young Living essential oils. At one point I mentioned my experience with lavender oil, and she informed me on the process of producing oils, and how most of them are diluted with other substances in order to make them cheaper and more abundant. And of course, this makes them more ineffective. By the time the study was finished, I asked her about procuring some lavender, and she said to come back tomorrow because it wasn't her intent to turn the study into a business meeting. After going home, and reading up about Gary and Mary Young online I returned to her the next day, and established my own wholesale account with the company through her.

After my first batch of oils arrived I proceeded to douse most of my body with them, especially before retiring. That night I had a dream that I will never forget. In it I was wandering through a dark, cloudy, grey, murkey environment. At one point I encountered the presence of another being that was not recognizable apart from an innate knowing that it was female. She proceeded to tell me "come on, let's go." I didn't know where we were going, but I knew that I was to follow her. After a short distance, I came upon a pod shaped object that was partially buried in the ground, and I knew that it needed to be dug up. After some effort, it could be seen that there were roots coming out of it that would require much more work to break them loose. After some time, the other being continued with her commands to follow her. The sense of frustration was growing because I knew that I needed to follow her, but couldn't until this pod was dug out. Eventually, the pod was broken free, and as soon as it was, I woke up exhausted around 3:00 am. After going to the bathroom, I slept soundly for several more hours.

The next day started with a shower, and before turning on the water I literally asked out loud, "what was all that?" Immediately the interpretation of the dream was given. I represented my will. The environment was my body. The female presence was the phenols, alkanes, terpenes, and other constituate molecules of the essential oils I had applied. The pod shaped object represented something in my body that wasn't supposed to be there. But more important than this was the revelation that this dream was meant to show the difference between a nutrient and a pharmaceutical. And that is that a nutrient works on the basis of cooperation, and agreement as does the universe. In other words, in order for the body to derive benefit from a nutrient, one must be willing to do what their body requires in order for it to take effect. A pharmaceutical on the other hand is an un-natural concentration of constituents that operate on the basis of manipulation. That is, upon taking it, it will do whatever it will do regardless of how one relates to it.

After getting out of the shower, it was put on me to watch a video online that was a presentation on the cause of disease. The naturopathic doctor speaking in it talked about the carbon cycle, and how mico-organisms become bacteria which turn into yeast fungus when the conditions are met. From there, the fungus turns into mold which breaks back down into micro-organisms. When speaking about yeast fungus, she mentioned an Italian doctor whose research lead him to the conclusion that cancer is a fungus. While watching an interview of him, he showed a variety of photos of tumors inside the body. One thing they all had in common, which he pointed out was a factor in him drawing the conclusion that cancer is a fungus is that they were all white. What made this so striking to was that the clearest, and most outstanding detail in my dream was the fact that the pod shaped object was white. Does this mean that I had a cancerous tumor, and that essential oils played a role in removing it? I don't know because I never went to a doctor to determine my state of being. All I know is that I have yet to have any more episodes of dizziness after that.