If there is one experience that should define a child's life, it is when it learns their name. This is meant to establish one's identity, and relationship with their parents. Despite the numerous memories that have been retained from my own childhood, this isn't one of them. I have no recollection at all of the moment when I learned my name, or my reaction to that event. This would make me wonder if this is connected to how I coped with the struggles of life if it wasn't for the fact that life is no longer a struggle, but the perfect outworking of the law of cause and effect.

What made this transition of perfection was when God, who is the author of truth, appeared in my life as my true father, and gave me my true name. Although my response to that event was an awe of quiet stillness, the memory of it will never fade. But more important than the memory is the effect that it has had.

When one knows who they are in relationship to who God is, it changes everything because one is now approaching life with a new, and most substantial identity. Not only do you know who you are, you know who everyone else is in relationship to God also. This doesn't mean you suddenly know the name of every other human being on the planet. It means you understand how others have come to see things as they do, regardless as to whether you agree with them, or not. And, that knowledge allows you to express love to them that is genuine, and free of self-interest.

Love, like liberty is also a principle. A principle is an idea that possesses substance. That means, it exists in reality, and not just in your head. Therefore, it will continue to exist if you don't. The great snare of humanity is when humans assert the right to define for themselves what constitutes love, and liberty in spite of what is true to the principle. The price that has been paid to deliver the captives from this trap is beyond comprehension apart from divine revelation. Some religions have tried to codify this price, but it has only served to make the vice even tighter.

My upbringing was in such a religion. And after departing from it for ten years, I returned to it in an attempt to clarify some questions that came to me as a result of reading the Bible. And, to connect with others with similar views. As I continued to read, study, question, and interact, it became necessary on more than one occassion to separate from one congregation, and connect with another in order to remain true to conscience.

This process came to a head in October of 2012 when I was invited to watch some videos of a lecture. The speaker in the video was making a philosophical case for Christianity before a body of college students. At one point he made a comparison of two worldviews. He first presented a worldview which states that humanity is inherently good. He then contrasted that with what he said was the Bible's worldview to which he asserted was that man is fallen, and needs a savior. Just as he said that, a voice spoke to my mind (not my ear) saying, "Wait a minute! I've read the Bible, and the Spirit that I am of tells me that the Bible's view of man is that man is the son of God because he has a savior."

I instantly agreed with that voice because I inherently knew that I would have come to the same conclusion from reading the Bible if I had not previously agreed with the point of view being advocated in the video. When the talk was finished, I told the other people in the room about what had happened, and not surprisingly, it was not well received.

In November of 2017, while taking a walk around the neighborhood one Sabbath morning, I was taking inventory on my life, and the things that have been revealed to me over the years. In conclusion I said out loud, "Wow! I really am free!" Immediately the voice which had spoken previously said, "Well, now that you are free, what do you want to do?" My response was that I want to serve my family. My family being those who believe me.

When someone has a multitude of interests, and is intensely focused, it makes it difficult to be successful because their mind is always shifting from one thing to another. Such was the case with me until December of 2018 when a vision was given to me regarding a single enterprise to focus on which embraces all of my interests, and divides them into four categories: The kingdom of heaven, sound money, naturopathy, and libertarianism. Or to put it in other words: love, wealth, health, and freedom. This website will provide content that addresses each of these topics.