The Universal Proclamation of Liberation of the united humans of the internet

Ever since the context of fear entered the human experience, there has been a need for people to find protection from their perceived enemies. This need made a place for the emergence of an institution that is known as the state. The first form of state was the monarchy, where power was accepted as originating from a single source: the monarch, or dictator. This power was then distributed among others through a hierarchy of administrators.

Because the people who administer the offices of state are just as liable to experience fear as those who live in subjection to them, corruption eventually took hold in every state at one point in its history. Because it is the duty of the state to protect its subjects, the organizing principle of the state is force. And when a state becomes corrupt, that force tends to be used against those whom they are supposed to protect.

This repeated cycle of corruption motivated people to construct another form of state power that is presently referred to as democracy. In a democracy, the authority of the state does not derive from a monarch, but from the citizens who constitute the state. While this allows for a broader range of input as to what defines the policies of the state, and how they are executed, it fails to resolve the fear context that is natural to humanity.

Over the past century, the corruption in democracy has compounded exponentially. This has resulted in the establishment of systems of fiat currency that no longer serve as a store of value. Ever increasing national debt. An endless state of war that is paid for, regardless of the sentiments of the majority of those who are participants of these democracies. And, confiscatory levels of taxation.

Because every land mass on the planet is now under the jurisdiction of a state power, there is no place where one who has overcome their fears can go to live free in peaceful separation from the powers of this world. Fortunately, there is always an answer for those who are willing to tell the truth.

Liberty is a quality of life that is not dependent on where one lives, the condition of the surrounding environment, or the character of other people. Liberty is based on the connection one has with the universe, nature, and other human beings. When one experiences true liberty, not only do they rightfully possess more authority than the state, they also have the wisdom to exercise it judiciously.

In addition to this, we now live in an age where, because of the internet, humans can connect with each other all over the planet without the necessity, expenses, and risk of international travel. We also have access to decentralized crytographic forms of money that allow us to exchange value independently of all state powers, and the central banks to which they have yielded their sovereignty. And through these avenues, we have the potential to create an international society that will make all states, and their borders, obsolete.

Therefore, let it be known this day that we who see, and agree with these things as they are, now withdraw our agreement from the powers of this world. And, that we will not allow the fears and corruption of human nature to interfere with our regard for one another as fellow human beings from this time forward.


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