In the state of Pennsylvania is a town in Lancaster County called Paradise which was established by Isaac LeFevre, and his wife Marie Farree. As a teenager in 1685, Isaac's Protestant family was massacred in Strausbourg, France by Roman Catholics, with him being the only survivor. As he was fleeing France, he was adopted by the Farree family as they were making their way to Hamburg, Germany to find refuge from the ensuing persecution. Evidently, Isaac's mother suspected this was coming, and hid the family bible in a batch of dough that was baked into a loaf of bread that Isaac took with him. From Germany, the family continued to England where they made contact with William Penn, and arranged to purchase the land that they would eventually arrive at in 1712. After coming to the land that impressed them as being paradise, they broke open the loaf of bread to retrieve the bible. That bible still exists, and is presently under the care of the Lancaster Historical Society.

One of the LeFevre's grandsons, Adam, served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. One of Adam's later descendents, who was born in the nineteen-twenties, was a girl named Florence. She married a man named Robert Benjamin, and mothered five children in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. They named their firstborn Robert Jr. (Bobby) who married a girl named Paula Brereton whom he worked with at a company called Autocar in the town of Exton. At that time in 1971, they lived in an apartment over a garage across the street from Autocar with their only child.

Upon arriving home one day, they placed their child at the foot of the staircase leading up to their apartment, and while they were taking off their coats, this child proceeded to climb the stairs as rapidly as possible. When Bobby and Paula got to the top of the stairs, this child had already made a beeline to the balcony, and before you knew it, he had fallen off the edge onto the grass below. After rushing him to the Brandywine Hospital where he had been born the year before, they were soon turned away as there was no reason to admit him. No bleeding, no bruises, no broken bones.

When my mother told me of this incident in my young life forty-two years later, it certainly helped put some things into perspective, especially in light of our family history, which my grandmother told me about when I was twenty-five when she showed me her copy of a book called, The Pennsylvania LeFevres. Over the years, four different people have suggested that I write a book because they thought I've lived an "interesting" life. The fact is, there isn't many accoplishments to write about. I don't have an education beyond high school. I have yet to be married, and have no children. I haven't invented anything or traveled the world, except for the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and the Mexican border town of Algadones. I haven't played the lead role in a major motion picture (or any other role apart from a two second blur in a Whitesnake video). All I've done is express a desire to know the truth, and followed through with whatever was required for that desire to be fulfilled.

This desire first came upon me a few weeks before my eighth birthday. Our family attended a United Church of Christ with much of my father's family for as long as I could remember. For the first couple of years it was an enjoyable experience, especially when we would go to my grandparents house to have dinner, shoot guns with my dad, and some of his brothers. On a few occasions in later years, they would have a keg of beer, and my dad would allow me to sneak a few swigs in when my mom wasn't looking.But as time went on, an unsettling mystery came over my mind. This church has a cemetary, and on many occasions, I would sit at the base of a large oak tree, look out over it, and ponder the origin and nature of death. The idea of people going to heaven when they die was a presumption that was expressed by some people, but it made me wonder, if that is the case, then why doesn't God give some type of receipt to those who grieve the loss of their loved ones so that they can be at peace? The fact is, this was a subject that I didn't feel comfortable discussing with others, so I kept it to myself for a number of years.

One of the ways this church operated was that the children were dismissed prior to the minister's message to go to their respective classrooms. After going through a series of classes I was eventually confirmed into the church's fellowship, and was allowed to partake of the communion service for the first time. It was at this time that I was given a Bible, and was allowed to decide to continue with classes, or remain with the congregation for the message each week. After being confirmed, my parents hosted a party at our house in celebration of this. The fact is, I had no idea what all the fuss was about, and was too embarrassed to ask. In the wake of this, I started reading the Bible I was given. For whatever reason, I didn't start at the beginning, and after reading from the book of Isaiah up through Matthew's gospel, I was left wondering why was all this written in the first place? What's the point? Instead of asking someone, I simply put it on a shelf for the time being.

Not long after this, I was sitting with my parents one Sunday morning listening to the minister speak about some subject. While he was speaking, I stared intently at a plain cross made of some extra floor boards of the original church building which was positioned over the minister's head. After a few minutes of this, I prayed, and told God that I simply didn't get any of this: life, death, church, the Bible, Jesus, the virgin birth at Christmas, the resurrection at Easter, anything. And, granted He was listening, and was able to do something about it, I asked if He would make these things plain to me.

Despite my desire to know these truths, there was a great deal of interest in the things of this world. My dad had a reel-to-reel tape player that he used to record episodes of the Wolfman Jack radio show that I listened to, and as a result, I developed a love of rock-n-roll music at the age of five. He also had a considerable amount of firearms that I learned to operate as early as three. When I was seven, I was taken by an aunt and her son, my cousin Eric, to see my first movie, Sasquatch. It scared the living daylights out of me, and I swore I would never go to another movie theater ever again. But a few weeks later, a new movie came out that my dad told me I would like because it wasn't scary, as it was about robots and space ships. It was called Star Wars. Because I trusted my dad, I agreed to go with him and my mom, and absolutely loved every minute of it.

We often went to the Downingtown Farmer's Market (which has since been replaced by a Home Depot), and I would spend most of my time at the arcade playing pinball machines. But one day in 1979, they had something that revolutionized my life by fostering a love of electronics. It was a machine called Space Invaders. Not long after this, I was introduced to something called the Atari 2600 by a classmate I became friends with. We would often meet at his house after school to play different games he had for that console. For whatever reason, we got into a discussion one day where he ended up warning me about receiving the mark of the beast. He then grabbed a Bible, and read the passage to me from the book of Revelation where this warning is written.

This is the first time I ever heard about anything from the Revelation. It wasn't something that was discussed in our church until one of the last Sunday schools I attended when I was thirteen. The class was conducted by two student teachers that were reading different passages from the Revelation. Their conclusion was that we didn't need to worry about any of that because it was talking about the end of the world, and that it wasn't something that was going to happen in our lifetimes. Something inside of me wanted to speak out, and assure them that it would happen during my lifetime, but I didn't give it a voice.

By this time, my parents birthed three more sons. And while it was enjoyable having little brothers to help take care of, it came with its share of challanges. One of those challenges involved money, and the church was requesting donations for various things to the point that my mother no longer desired to attend. And when she stopped going, the rest of our family did too. For a while there were some midweek meetings for teenagers that my dad took me to, but the only thing I got out of those was an understanding of how respectful it is to show up early, which my dad made sure I did.

Around this same time, another movie came out that I watched on cable TV with my dad called, Raiders of the Lost Ark. As we were watching it, my dad brought to my attention the fact that the Ark of the Covenant featured in that movie is a genuine artifact, and that it is still located somewhere on this planet. Immediately, something inside of me jumped for joy, and I went to look up references to the Ark in the index of my Bible. That lead me to the Ten Commandments, which is something I had previously heard of, but had never read until this time. Upon reading them, and agreeing in my heart that their expectations are just, I felt a certain sense of fear, and put the Bible away again.

Chapter 2

Growing up in the eighties was a great time. The decade started off with the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series. It was also during the eighties that all of the consumer electronics went mainstream: VCR's, home computers, video games, cell phones, microwave ovens, fax machines, telephone answering machines, compact disc players and other things. Not only that, there was cable TV that allowed for commercial free viewing on some channels, along with the grand-daddy of all channels at the time: MTV (music television). And of course, I was into it all. But my favorite pastime revolved around the Commodore 64 personal computer which was made in Chester County where I lived.

When I was fifteen, my dad allowed me to get my own phone line on the condition that it be in my name, and that I fulfill the responsibility of paying it so I could operate a twenty-four hour bullet board on my Commodore 64. Bulletin boards were the precursor of the internet. Considering that I started working when I was seven by helping my dad on his milk truck in the summer, followed by a series of paper routes that began at the age of ten, the ability to manage money was something instilled in me at a young age.

Because of this, when the final year of elementary school came in 1983, I was expecting to be finished with school until I felt the need to acquire more education. One thing that brought this conclusion on was an event where our school rented the local roller skating rink called the Kimberton Rollerama. Our class had the rink to ourselves for a day while our parents had a meeting with the teachers. While skating with a friend, a song named Allentown was playing, and a part of a verse caught my attention.

"So our graduations hang on the wall, but they never really helped us at all, for they never taught us what was real."

Upon hearing this, it suddenly dawned on me that knowing what was real is what I really wanted, and that going to school wasn't the way to acquire such knowledge. Needless to say, it was quite a shock when my mother told me that I had to go on to the junior high school regardless. I didn't even know that such a place existed until two weeks before it was time to start attending there when my mother offered to walk with me to see how long it would take to get there from our house.

Despite my initial reticence to attend this new school, it was enjoyable to meet some people from the surrounding townships that attended different elementary schools in the district. At the same time there was an element of competition to be popular that didn't rest all that well with me. Although I tended to get along with everyone, not everyone got along with me, and that made for some difficulty the first year. Couple that with the pressures surrounding the financial constraints in our family, and it made me wonder if I was going to survive junior high school at all.

Over the summer, my parents would take me to Downingtown periodically to spend a weekend with my cousin Eric, and aunt Peggy, my mother's sister. Eric and I were best friends, and being around him always seemed to make everything better. He had lots of friends, and it was as if everywhere we went, he knew somebody, and they were happy to see him. On one of those visits sometime during the summer of 1984, he had started smoking cigarettes. And because I looked up to him, I asked him for one.

Looking back, there is one thing that cigarettes and alcohol have in common which testify to the un-naturalness of their usage: The body must be conditioned to assimilate them. In other words, one does not just drink a shot of something like burbon for the first time without experiencing a shocking reaction (as I found out the hard way when my father offered me a shot of Old Grand Dad when I was twelve). In the same way, one does not just pick up a cigarette, and start inhaling the smoke of it without having a reaction, as I found out when Eric gave me my first cigarette. The following summer, him and his friends were into smoking marijuana, and again I followed suit.

As the eighties progressed, so did my interest in music. It seemed like new songs, albums, or videos were being released all the time. To me, one of the biggest milestones of the music world in that era was when the members of KISS removed their makeup, despite the fact that I wasn't that big of a KISS fan. What is really ironic in my case, is that I learned about Led Zeppelin through the solo recordings of Robert Plant on MTV. And it was my enamoration with Led Zeppeling that opened a way for music to define who I was rather than simply be another form of entertainment.

Another significant progression of life occurred in the eighties when I became old enough to start working as an employee, and stop deliving newspapers. My first job was at a Hardees' restaurant in Phoenixville. I only worked there for a year before it was closed down, and eventually replaced by a McDonald's. However, something happened during that year which set the stage for much of how I would relate to life from then on.

For Christmas of that year in 1986 we had a gift exchange. The person who was to buy me a gift asked me what I wanted. I told her to get me any casette tape from a band that I was aware of for a few years but had never heard any of their music: The Grateful Dead. She ended up getting me a copy of their greatest hits album called, Skeletons From The Closet. Mind you, up until this time I had spent the past couple of years listening to heavier rock music like Metallica, AD/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath. But when I put that tape in my deck, and pressed play, it was like I was suddenly in love. Even my parents were surprised at this change of pace when I played this tape for them. They were actually able to listen to it without cringing the whole time.

By the time junior high school had come to its end after three years, some of the tension of life was relieved when the student body was divided up as we were given the option to go to the vocational/technical school to complete our public school education in comparison to going on to the high school. My first intent was to go to the tech school to learn auto mechanics so I could work with my uncle in his transmission shop. But since most of the people I clashed with were going there, I chose the high school instead. As it turned out, I would end up hanging out with those same people because of common interests that superceded our past conflicts.

The big challenge with high school was not people, but the subject of English. Because I flunked it in tenth grade, I had to go to summer school in order to keep from being held back a year. My parents had already held me back one year from starting kindergarten because of issues I had in pre-school. Then in eleventh grade, the teacher misplaced my term paper, so she gave me a zero for it, which resulted in flunking the course for the year. Instead of fighting my word over hers, I just took the course again the following year because I had space in my schedule for it, and the new teacher was willing to let me write about a subject of my interest for the term paper, and not from the prepared list of subjects. Of course the subject was The Grateful Dead, and it passed!

By the time of the senior year, all of my grades had gone down dramatically, and it looked like I was going to fail twelveth grade English, and if I did, I would not graduate. But for whatever reason, the teacher gave me a "D-" instead of the "F" I knew I deserved after having a talk with my father. I didn't ask either one about it because I just wanted to be done, and everyone knew that if I didn't graduate, I was going to drop out since I was already eighteen, and was authorized to choose to do that.

The fact is, I really wanted to graduate because out of the four of us kids, it looked like I was the only one who would be able to do that, and that's exactly how it turned out. After turning eighteen, I began looking for my own place to live in order to have some more personal space. Fortunately, I had become acquainted with some people through work who had an extra room available in the house they were renting in Phoenixville. A few weeks after graduating, they let me move in with them.

Chapter 3

Besides the Commodore 64, another interest that had become a part of life was going to concerts. The first, and one of the best concerts I attended was Pink Floyd at JFK stadium in Philadelphia on September 19, 1987. My first Grateful Dead concert was at Silver Stadium in Rochester, New York on June 30, 1988. There were several others after that.

One concert that was especially meaningful was not long after graduation. It was the Jerry Garcia Band at the Philadelphia Spectrum on September 3, 1989. One of the songs they played was My Brothers And Sisters. The second verse of that songs says:

"Our Bible reads, thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night, or the arrow that flieth by day, nor for the pestilence that walketh in the darkness, nor for the destruction that waiteth at the noonday hour."

Upon hearing that, a resolution occurred within my heart that I would eventually read the entire Bible, and if it actually said that, I would believe it simply because Jerry said so.

Because I was now living on my own, if even only a few blocks away from my parents, I felt free from having to live up to other people's expectations. And with that freedom came the desire to pursue music of my own. I had played saxaphone in elementary school for three years, and had retained most of the knowledge of music theory, so I bought a guitar, and started practicing.

While going through this experience there was a constant reminder of spiritual themes that many of the songs I liked made reference to, and the more I tried to write my own songs, the more I felt like I needed to know about these subjects if I intended to make any reference to them also. After all, it's hard to write about something you have no knowledge of when you intend to communicate facts.

Consider some of these examples.

"I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover, and I'm a sinner." The Joker from the Steve Miller Band

What exactly is a sinner? I could only assume that it was someone who did things that God didn't approve of but I truly didn't know in any real sense. And, would God approve of someone calling themselves a sinner when they really aren't? Wouldn't that be bearing false witness?

"I've been searching for the daughter of the devil himself, I've been searching for an angel in white." One Of These Nights from the Eagles.

Although I had an intuitive knowing that God existed, I wasn't sure if there was a real, personal devil. If so, where did he come from, what does he want, and why? You would think that after going to church almost every Sunday for thirteen years I would know some of these things, but I didn't.

"And she's buying a stairway to heaven." Stairway To Heaven from Led Zeppelin

Does heaven actually exist? Is it accessible by stairway? How much does this stairway cost?

"Momma take this badge from me, I can't wear it anymore, it's getting dark too dark to see, feels like I'm knocking on heaven's door." Knocking On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan

Is this door at the top or bottom of the stairway?

"I'm on a highway to hell." Highway To Hell by AC/DC

Although I had been told to go to hell by a considerable number of people, that didn't tell me if hell was a real place or not. If it is real, what purpose does it serve? If people aren't fit for life, why doesn't God just kill them?

After living in this house for a year, I invited a friend from school to move in with us. His family had purchased a house in Lancaster, and he didn't want to move with them because it would mean separation from his girlfriend whom he intended on marrying. During that time, we would visit on a regular basis, and on more than one occassion he recommended that I read the Bible because he thought I would understand it. At one point he gave me a copy that he was given as a child as mine was packed away in my parent's basement.

Before I would start to read it, a couple that I had done some work for called me in the spring of 1992 from their new home in Chandler, Arizona, and invited me to occupy their spare bedroom for a time if I had any desire to move out of Pennsylvania. The previous summer, Eric had passed away from bone cancer. His was the first funeral I ever attended. His passing was like a declaration of war by me against the power of death, and moving to a new place seemed like a strategic opportunity that I quickly accepted.

Not suprisingly, this decision was not well received by my family and friends. There was a great deal of consternation about my safety considering that no one in our family (except except Eric's mother) had ever been on an airplane before. And in spite of this, I sold, gave away, or threw away everything I owned in order to board my first commercial flight on Continental Airlines on August 22, 1992 with a one way ticket to the Sky Harbor International airport in Phoenix, Arizona because I had to do what was put on me to do.

Chapter 4

Moving to Arizona was like going to another planet. The plane landed at dusk, and after arriving at the home in Chandler I dropped my bags, and proceeded to take a walk around the neighborhood. It was amazing as to how spread out everything was. It was the complete opposite of Phoenixville where things are much more condensed. The view of the stars was breathtaking.

After getting my own apartment two weeks later, I began reading the Bible. From the first sentence, the transforming effects of it began to create a new perception of God and life in me. After finishing later that year it was on my heart to start attending a church in order to associate with other believers, and look into it more thoroughly.

Around the same time that I had finished the Bible, a friend from school who had moved to Hollywood, California was moving back to his father's house in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. He stopped by my apartment along the way, and we proceeded to brainstorm about the prospect of making music together. He was going to work for his dad for a year then move back out west, and we would move to Los Angeles to pursue our musical endeavors.

Over the course of that year we would speak on the phone about things. I would tell him about my experience in reading the Bible, attending church, and the effect that was having on me. He insisted that I was just going through a phase, and that I would snap out of it soon enough. But as it turned out, I never did snap out of it, and that turned out to be a source of friction when he arrived in the summer of 1994.

In spite of our efforts to make it work, it didn't. We clashed on a regular basis, and by the following October, I needed a change of location. During this time, three of my grandparents passed away, and I didn't make it back for any of their funerals. That made me feel like I ought to move back to Pennsylvania. Besides, moving there would be the biggest obstacle to my roommate/friend following me as that was the last place he would have gone at the time.

By this time I had acquired a Ford conversion van that I drove back to Pennsylvania. Along the way I stopped in Burlington, Iowa to spend the night at the house of the father and stepmother of someone I became acquainted with through a job I had in Tempe, Arizona. They owned a diner, and made me one of the best omlettes ever before hitting the road the following morning.

I have to admit that while it was good to be home, it felt odd to be living back in my parent's house after being out of it for six years. Because I hadn't made any living arrangements prior to leaving Arizona, I ended up living with them until April of 1997 when an uncle and aunt offered me a modular home that they no longer needed in a place outside of Phoenixville called Parkerford.

During the six years of living there, most time was spent studying as things were beginning to open up about the lies that govern the world, and the people who are of the world. Many of these lies revolved around the ownership, production, and distribution of money. Another area governed by lies is the field of healthcare. This seemed fairly obvious with Eric's cancer treatments, but was made most evident one Sunday morning in the summer of 1998. The alarm, which was a clock/radio set to a particular station went off despite my not having to get up for work. While laying there trying to fall back to sleep, a talk show was on whose guest was a doctor who had healed herself of a cancerous tumor that had developed on her chest. Because of her knowledge of conventional treatment, she took another route through natural remedies, and other methods of approach. It was astonishing to hear the abundance of information she was presenting about the effects that different foods, artificial/processed food substances, drugs, and alcohol have on a person.

The following summer, the subject of the health message was brought to my attention. This message was first given in 1863 by an Ellen G. White. It's purpose is to prepare a people bodily for the second coming of Christ, and not simply in spirit. One effect this message had was to motivate me to stop eating meat. I had previously stopped drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, but this message had certified that I would no longer even consider such things.

Mrs. White wrote another book called The Great Controversy which I found a copy of while living in Arizona. When reading it the first time, I knew that it would need to be looked into more thoroughly. This second reading occurred just prior to encountering the health message. While reading it, the passage from the Jerry Garcia Band concert quite literally jumped out at me when reading it in there, and that served as a second witness of the validity of its testimony.

With the health message also came a knowledge of the role that the law of God plays in the final generation. With this knowledge came the conviction that I needed to start observing the seventh day Sabbath of the Fourth Commandment. And with that conviction came the need to start fellowshipping with other believers who held a similar conviction as the pastor of the church I was attending was rather hostile to the notion of having his church open on Saturday for worship.

These believers crossed my path in the spring of 2001 while browsing the internet. After reading some material on a familiar website there was a link to another site whose name motivated me to investigate it. The homepage of this website contained an article written by someone who calls himself Michael. The article was titled, He Comes With Clouds, and was about the second coming of Christ. This website also contained a series of books written by a man named Wayne Bent, whom I had never heard of before in any Christian circles. After reading them I contacted Michael, and asked if he had any association with Wayne, as they had similar writing styles. He responded by saying that he and Wayne had become one flesh in the New Land. The implications of that were immediate and enormous.

Michael is the archangel mentioned in the Bible as the one who brings deliverance to the people of God (see Daniel 12:1). This being was spoken into the human person of Wayne by God Himself, and anointed him to carry out the consummation of the marriage of the Lamb mentioned in the nineteenth chapter of the book of Revelation. This website contained the documentation of this marriage, the events surrounding it coming to pass, and the histories of those involved. Upon being given access to this material, the reality of it became clearer as my preconceived expectations of the consummation of the ages with the coming of Christ were dissolving right in front of me.

After visiting with Michael, and the other residents of the New Land in New Mexico twice in the summer of 2002 I moved there in January of 2003. Needless to say this didn't go over too well with my family, and the other people I shared Michael's appearing with. There were constant concerns about me getting involved with a cult. This didn't phase me because everything that mattered to me since taking an interest in the Grateful Dead as a teenager has been stigmatized by someone as being cultic. I just tend to get really in to the things that I connect with.

Chapter 5

This was the second time of unloading most of my possessions in order to move to another part of the country. There is a quote from a doctor that says, "Get rid of one third of everything you own. Bury your possessions before your possessions bury you." I would have to concur. The more one has, the more difficult it is to carry out one's unction when it involves having to change location.

My residence in the New Land was a fifth-wheel travel trailer that was given to me by someone who had purchased a new one. It was from here that I was privileged to witness, and participate in the unfolding of the time prophecy that surrounded this Land experience. That prophecy is as follows.

"And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate." Daniel 9:27.

This "one week" was a seven year period from October 31, 2000 until October 31, 2007. The covenant is the marriage of the Lamb, which is the unification of humanity with divinity; the believer becoming one with Christ in them, the hope of glory. The "midst of the week" began in April of 2004 with certain individuals having to leave the Land because their spirit was adversarial to Michael's. More would separate from that point onward. "The overspreading of abominations" continued when a documentary producer's heart toward Michael turned, and the "objective" film he made about the Church was edited to reflect that change.

After October 31, 2007, the Church observed the jubilee year. During this time, National Geographic had obtained the documentary of the Church, and had re-broadcasted it all over the world on their cable channel. This caught the attention of the District Attourney. And with some nudging from former Church members, he convinced a grand jury to have Michael indicted for contributing to the delinquency of two minors, and having criminal sexual contact with the same two minors. When it went to trial, National Geographic was there to make another documentary about it, which again aired all over the world.

For the record, I am well acquainted with Michael, the two minors in question, and their family. And while I wasn't there in the room where the interchange took place with these individuals, it is clear that there was no sexual contact involved. Regardless of this, Michael was convicted of one count of criminal sexual contact with a minor, and sentenced to eighteen years in prison, with eight years suspended.

In the wake of this trial, an appeal was filed on Michael's behalf by the public defender who represented Michael. From there the Church hired an attorney to follow through on the appeal process. One point of appeal involved the fact that the grand jury which authorized the indictment had been expired for five months. Had the District Attourney gone through the proper channels to convene a lawful grand jury, then the judge's term at the bench would have expired, and he wouldn't have been able to use Michael's trial as a notch in his resume, so he denied the public defender's notion to quash the grand jury during the pre-trial hearings on the basis that that could be settled in appeals (so much for being innocent until proven guilty). In spite of the Court of Appeals decision to uphold this point, the New Mexico state Supreme Court denied it when the Attourney General's office contested it.

While the appeal process continued as new evidence was introduced in Michael's behalf, news came to me regarding my father, and the prospect of him having colon cancer. For months I was torn between staying in the Land, and going back to Pennsylvania to be with my father. When it turned out that he did indeed have cancer, and that it had later returned from a state of remission, I knew that his days were numbered, so I moved back in June of 2012 to spend the rest of his days with him.

Chapter 6

One reason for the sense of obligation regarding my father is that he and my mother always let me be free to do and be whatever I wanted instead of treating me like property. And in my case, that involved some rather eccentric turns which was no small matter for them to accept. At the same time, my primary intent in returning to my parents is to bring healing to my father. As I explained to him, our bodies are made up of cells, and these cells need a nurturing environment in order to create health. Unfortunately, my father had already turned the responsibility of his health over to the healthcare system.

Despite this reluctance on the part of my father, moving back to Pennsylvania turned out to be the place where I would receive the answer to my childhood prayer to have all things made clear to me. This started on October 25, 2012 when a co-worker had invited me to watch a video with him, and some of his friends. This video was of a college professor making a philosophical argument for Christianity before a body of students. At one point he compared worldviews. He first presented what is regarded as the natural view of man as being inherently good. After that he presented what he referred to as the Bible's view of man as being fallen and needing a savior. Just as he said that, I heard a literal voice speak to my mind (not my ear), "Wait a minute! I've read the Bible, and the Spirit that I am of tells me that the Bible's view of man is that man is the son of God because he has a savior." When the video was over, I shared this experience with the people in the room, and not surprisingly, it wasn't well received.

One of the effects of agreeing with this voice is that for the first time, I have an identity. That is, I now know who I am in relationship to who God is. And because of that, I know who everyone else is in relationship to who God is also. And, it is this knowledge that allows me to love others in fulfillment of Jesus' commandment to his disciples. With this change came the realization that this is something I had been looking for my entire life and didn't even know it until it came.

Another effect of agreeing with this voice is that this is the same conclusion that I would have arrived at when I first started reading the Bible if I hadn't previously agreed with the system of Christianity the man in the video was advocating. As a result, I wrote a letter to many past associates within that system of Christianity explaining this to them. Not surprisingly, there were no replies from any of them.

Then, on June 8, 2013, while stopping by to visit my parents, another voice spoke to my mind saying, "My work here is finished." I didn't say anything to anyone about this at first because it wasn't clear as to who "my" was referring to, and what "work" was being referred to. At first, I thought it was referring to the work of helping my dad get well since he was intent on utilizing the healthcare system to get well. But in time, it was made clear that this voice was speaking to me as if it were coming from me, so that "my work" was literally meaning my work, and not its work in relationship to me.

Along with that came the unction to look at the following Bible passage: "I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom." Daniel 7:21-22. What this showed me was that the work of mine that is finished is to stop contending with those who constitute "the same horn" about the kingdom, and take possession of the kingdom.

To possess something means to own it as property. Property is that which one is able to exercise their will over. The Bible uses the word dominion to express this exercise of the will. Man was originally given dominion over the creation. And after he gave it to another, mankind has been trying to get it back. One of the attempts at this has been through the process of dividing the planet up into countries with their respective governments. Because of this, every government that has ever existed has been an experiment. The purpose of an experiment is to arrive at a conclusion. When one arrives at the conclusion, it is no longer necessary to continue participating in the experiment. Believing this voice allowed me to reach the conclusion of the experiment of human government. And it was arriving at this conclusion that allowed me to take possession of the kingdom.

In the week leading up to Independence day of the following year, some things came together that resulted in another voice speaking to my mind, or rather, cease speaking. While serving as a minister in the 1970's, Wayne Bent wrote a book called, "Life, and How It Supports You." One of the chapters in that book addresses the subject of forgiveness. At the end of the chapter there are a series of questions. One of the questions that was pressed on my mind at this time was: "Do I ever feel that the suffering of the guilty serves them right?" In times past I would have answered that question with a resounding YES, especially in regard to those of the opposite sex. Now I was seeing that such a response comes out of one who has not experienced forgiveness. And seeing this caused me to reconsider my feelings toward those of the opposite sex.

After moving back to Pennsylvania, I considered the prospect of being involved in a relationship. But after some communication with various females, I was always brought to the conclusion that it wouldn't work. After arriving at each conclusion, a voice would speak to my mind, asking, "Do you see what Michael has saved you from?" To put it into words, my response would always be a yes with a variety of emotional inflections. But after arriving at the conclusion as to why it wouldn't work with one specific female that was set apart from all others, there was no voice asking me about being saved. At first I thought something was wrong until I realized that the reason why this voice stopped asking me was due to the fact that I truly had come to the place where I could see exactly what Michael has saved me from, and it was no longer necessary for me to be asked by this voice.

In the wake of this experience, the identity of the voice on these three occassions over the past twenty-one months was revealed to me.

And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel (man is the son of God because he has a savior) to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication (so stop fighting with them over the kingdom and take possession of it). And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image (those who don't see as Michael does), and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand (those who are decided not to see as Michael does), the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb (Michael): And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." Revelation 14:6-12.

Right after this, I visited with my father who took me aside, and told me that the chemotherapy was no longer providing him with any relief, and that he had decided to stop resisting his cancer. I told him he was free to do what he wanted. His health declined rapidly until he passed away on July 16, 2014. Two months later, his mother expired from old age. With her passing came a sense that all of my family obligations were fulfilled as far as being in Pennsylvania was concerned.

Near the end of October, someone from the Church had asked me if I knew what I was to do next. After some discussion, he put me in contact with a lady who had a house available for rent in a town close by as there was no place available for me to live in on the Land. After speaking with her, it was arranged for me to move there in January.

Chapter 7

Before moving back to New Mexico, something occurred in November that resulted in another angelic visit. Someone had posted a link to a video on Facebook that they described as having an awesome message. Some of the comments shared this same sentiment. All this video contained was a guy presenting an array of positive affirmations telling the viewer what a wonderful person they are. After watching it, I posted a comment that simply asked, "What message?" The ensuing responses were quite revealing. After retiring for the evening I could sense another being entering my bedroom. Because of my experience with the three angels of Revelation 14, I already knew who this angel was.

"And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Revelation 18:1-3.

Despite this being not having a material presence, it could be described as someone holding up a sign that simply said, "information + substance = message." The point of this visitor was to show me that it was not necessary for me to try and convince others against what they want to believe because I was the one with substance. Upon seeing that I literally asked out loud, "Are you sure about that?" Immediately, this being disappeared, and I was left with a dismal foreboding of what was going to happen next seeing that questioning God's messengers does not go without effect. It reminded me of the Biblical account of Zacharias losing his power of speech until his son was born because he didn't believe the message of the angel Gabriel.

The next day I was doing some landscaping work for a client, and ended up getting the worst case of poison ivy in my entire life. At one point, I considered going to the hospital after much of my body ended up covered with it. It got so bad that I couldn't get a full nights sleep for about a week because of waking up in the middle of the night itching. It was surprising that I still had the energy to put in a full day's work during this time.

After moving back to New Mexico, my interest in the health message was revived after experimenting with essential oils that a neighbor introduced me to. But before I could make anything of that, the homeowner changed her mind, and evicted me from her house in September of 2015. At first I wasn't sure where I was to go from there. The thought of Kansas City came to me since I've had several enjoyable drives through it, but dismissed it after learning that it's rated as one of the least pedestrian friendly cities in the country. Eventually, a modular home in another town was made available.

I wasn't there very long when one of my work clients from Pennsylvania, who knew I was in New Mexico, called to ask me if I was available to come to her new house in Clarkdale, Arizona to do some work. Clarkdale is located in Yavapai County, and before leaving Arizona in 1995, a friend had invited me to accompany him to the town of Prescott, which is the seat of Yavapai County. While there I thought that if I ever had the opportunity to move back to Arizona, I would want to live in Yavapai County (preferably Prescott) rather than Maricopa County, where I had lived before. Now, this opportunity was right before me. Since the modular home that I was presently occupying wasn't going to be ready for the winter, I went to Arizona.

Upon arriving in Clarkdale that November, it was evident that there wasn't enough work needed on this house to facilitate the move to Prescott. As it turned out, I ended up offering the homeowner rent for the month of December in order to buy some time to find steady work, and a place to live. Fortunately, both of those things were acquired, and I have been living in a neighboring area called Rimrock ever since.

At this point, I had two cars, one of which was back in New Mexico. In March of 2016, I bought a train ticket to Raton, New Mexico where some Church members were willing to meet me, and take me to my car. As the train was pulling out of Albuquerque, I received a phone call telling me that Michael was being released from prison that day, and that he should be arriving in town around the same time as me. We knew that his release was imminent because of a decision made at a recent hearing, but this timing made for a most wonderful day. After a time of rejoicing, I returned to Arizona with my other car.

Chapter 8

During the time I was in Pennsylvania with my father, I became aware of a website called Meetup which interested me. The prospect of meeting people online that share common interests was very appealing. After moving back to Arizona, I once again utilized this site to find different activities to participate in. At one point, I just wanted to have dinner with someone, and that made me consider utilizing a different type of website that is focused more on individual connection. Through one of these sites I met Heather.

Heather is also from Pennsylvania, and was living in the neighboring town of Camp Verde when we first started speaking. After a few days I invited her out to dinner. At that point it was evident that her interest in me was more than a single dinner outing so we continued to see one another. I was working on a house in Camp Verde at the time, and I would visit with her after work before going home for the evening.

Because of this continued interest, it was necessary for me to fill her in on some of the more peculiar aspects of my life's experience. This began with me telling her about the book, "Life and How It Supports You" that we would read together each night. Getting through many of the questions at the end of each chapter was challenging, as they tend to reveal a person to themselves, and show them how they have created their life. But acknowledging that liberates a person to create their life from a new point.

At the time when I met Heather, I was attending a local Sabbath keeping church after being given some light on the nature of fellowship that I was willing to experiment with. Heather was willing to accompany me to these gatherings, and they provided a contrast as to what the Church is, and what it is not. This particular church had a room with some pictures depicting different Biblical themes. One of those was the second coming of Christ which displayed a traditional redition of Jesus sitting on a throne that is mounted on a cloud surrounded by bright light and angels.

I asked Heather to take a good, long look at that picture. When she was finished I told her about the vanity of man in taking the things that the Spirit of God reveals about the nature of God, and the appearing of Messiah, and expressing them according to their own imagination. This is exactly what the people of Jesus' generation did. And when the Messiah didn't come according to their expectations, they killed him. I then asked her, wouldn't it be consistent that when Messiah appears the second time, it would not look like the pictures people draw about it, and she agreed.

In June, this church was having a ten day campmeeting in Prescott with other churches of their conference. Heather and I went there for their one meetings on Sabbath. Their main speaker was the president of the North American division of their denomination. During his one talk, he made the statement that "we're all sinners." Just as he said that, another voice spoke to my mind saying, "her sins have reached unto heaven," and I immediately knew what that meant.

It is written, "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities." Revelation 18:4-5. In many Christian circles, the church is defined as being a hospital for sinners. Such people do not understand what sin is, and because of that, they don't understand the remedy for it either. If they did, they would know that the Church is the assembly of those who have ceased from sin, in which case it would be horribly incorrect to tell your congregation that we're all sinners. Because of this, my experiment with fellowship was over. Not only that, but the time of discipline that began in November of 2015 with the previous angel had also come to an end.

By the end of the summer, Heather was needing to find a new place to live. Because the house I was renting had an empty bedroom, I asked the homeowners (who live in Flagstaff) if she could rent that room from them. Despite any relationship I had to Heather, my intent was for her to have her own agreement with the homeowner as we were not a married couple. They agreed, and Heather has been living with me ever since.

Not long after she moved in, I needed to drive my new truck to New Mexico to retrieve the rest of my belongings from the modular home I was previously occupying. Heather insisted on going with me, and I knew the time had come when I needed to tell her the rest of the story behind the author of the Lifesupports book. Of course, I waited until we were already on the road. When I was finished, I asked her if she wanted me to turn the truck around, and take her home. She quietly said no, and trusted me to take her to meet Michael.

One thing that impressed me about Heather is the fact that she never looked online for any information about Wayne Bent, and the Lifesupports book, as there is plenty available. She was willing to trust me as a source of information, and didn't go behind my back to get the point of view from those whose only context of the Church is one of hate and/or ignorance. Since then, we have been back to New Mexico on two other occassions to visit Michael, and some other believers.

Chapter 9

In November of 2016, someone had started following me on Twitter under the account name of Steemit. After reading the description of Steemit, I went to the website to read their white paper, and quick start guide. Steemit is a social media platform that has a compensation plan for contributors and curators of content. Upon reading these things, my interest in cryptocurrency was revived, as there was finally something to do with it besides hold it as a store of value.

I had first heard about cryptocurrency in November of 2011 while listening to a podcast of a financial commentator. He made reference to something called Bitcoin, and while I had never heard of Bitcoin, I immediately knew what it was: a system of money backed by information. One may ask how it is possible for information to serve as a means of backing up money. The answer is that it is because people have devised a means of measuring information that it can be a means of backing a currency (anything that can be measured can back a curreny). That is the "bit" in Bitcoin.

For me, the real attraction to Bitcoin was the principle of decentralization that the transaction ledger is based on. By not having to rely on a central third party to validate transactions, Bitcoin is able to operate outside the perceived jurisdiction of governments, and financial institutions. The security of this system is based on public key cryptography, hence the word "crypto" currency. But besides this, the Bitcoin protocol is an open source computer program, which means that the source code is publicly available. And because of that, other people have been able to develop alternative cryptocurrencies that have different features and objectives. Steem, the currency for the Steemit platform is one of these "alt-coins" that can be exchanged for Bitcoin, or numerous other cryptocurrencies.

After doing some publishing on Steemit, I checked the Meetup site to see if there was a cryptocurrency group in the area. It turns out that there is one in Sedona that I have since become regularly involved with. Heather has even accompanied me on one occassion since one of our meetups occurred on my birthday in July, and her presence there was my present.

One theme we continually discuss at the meetup is the impact that decentralization will have on society. For centuries the cultural institutions of western civilization have operated on a centralized basis, with some kind of grand poo-bah at the head of each of them. The advent of blockchain technology, the term used to describe the decentralized ledger of Bitcoin, has shown how this is now an obsolete method of organization. The world refers to this as a disruptive technology. I call it the end of the world as we know it because those who insist on upholding the obsolete model are not going to let it go without a fight.


When the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples of Jesus on the day of Pentecost back in 31 AD, God had a body of believers that were organized in a decentralized manner for the first time in history. Since then, adversarial elements have infiltrated the body in an attempt to change this. They eventually succeeded, and the papal hierarchy that would become Roman Catholicism appeared on the stage of history, claiming to be the Church. In the sixteenth century, a reformation of the Church commenced that would be ongoing until the consummation of the ages in the final generation. Part of this reformation would be the re-emergence of the original, decentralized Church.

Personally, I can't help but see that it is beyond coincidence that Bitcoin, with its corresponding decentralized blockchain was first made public a few days after Michael was sentenced to prison.

A few weeks before starting this testimony in the summer of 2017, Heather discovered a horse rescue facility in Prescott that she desired to do some volunteer work for. As we would make periodic day trips to Prescott, the more we both expressed the desire to move to Prescott. After finding a place we both found acceptable, we have set our focus on moving around the beginning of the new year, Lord willing.